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    We are healthcare's comprehensive resource for educational programming that meets the full range of the industry's unique needs.

    Our Café System—a premier turnkey interface for online education and media
    management—provides our clients with convenience, cost savings, and value.

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    We conceive, create and deliver
    accredited educational activities
    in all formats to the healthcare community.

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    We maintain professional working relationships with government, industry, medical centers, teaching institutions, medical associations & societies, medical publishers, and accreditation providers.

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    We specialize in the creation of fully-customized, yet cost-conscious educational activities that meet the needs of our clients and educational consumers.

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    Our powerful and proprietary web systems provide turnkey interfaces for online education and media management. Our systems power our own educational websites as well as those of highly recognizable medical industry thought centers.

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    Ask us how we can help you
    achieve your educational goals.
    We will be happy to demonstrate the multitude of options
    we have to meet your needs.

Dane Garvin Ltd.

Dan Garvin Healthcare educationUnique Solutions for
Every Healthcare Professional

Our goal is to provide the healthcare industry with accredited educational programs that are simply the best available. To achieve this, we:

  • Produce concise, clear, clinically relevant instruction for healthcare professionals
  • Design and deliver a full range of innovative instructional methods
  • Integrate the utility and cost-effectiveness of template-based solutions with the potency and distinctiveness of situation-based, custom strategies
  • Deliver academic content in compliance with all accreditation and regulatory requirements
  • Employ sophisticated, state-of-the-art technology to drive our activities
  • Ensure that our clients are able to exceed their end-users’ expectations
  • Capture and repurpose live events at medical meetings and conventions for later delivery online

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Capability Statement


  • Since 2003 Dane Garvin has delivered hundreds of CME / CE / P.A.C.E.® accredited continuing education activities built on arresting topics in healthcare, strong KOL speakers and unique, state-of-the-art, multimedia technology
  • With 100% Educational Grant and Regulatory acceptance to date, Dane Garvin delivers results. We create turnkey CE with global reach and frequency leveraged through multi-media excellence
  • Our proprietary Educational Learning System tracks Return on Education (ROE) enabling transparent, qualified, Real Time program analytics
  • With Dane Garvin you get maximum return with unique solutions for every topic and every healthcare professional

Make "Return on Education" (ROE) Standard

The Dane Garvin proprietary educational learning system enables:

  • Return on Education (ROE) assessments
  • User specific real-time program analytics
  • Full-range of outcomes metrics for CME/CE accreditors

Strategic Educational Solutions

Goals, Strategy and Tactics

We know the difference between goals, strategy and tactics, and we define them and employ them with a synergy that can only come from experience.

Our goal is always the same: to provide education that makes favourable changes in behaviour.

Our strategic designs incorporate:

  • Exceptional expertise: medical, scientific, clinical, with multi-speciality cross-pollination
  • Superior faculty KOLs (domestic and international)
  • Arresting and contemporary topics
  • Excellence in multi-media delivery
  • Expansive, targeted distribution that provides reach & frequency
  • Enduring educational presence

Our tactics include the myriad of essential logistical details necessary to the successful implementation of any educational effort. The most important include, but are not limited to utilization of:

  • Live meetings
  • Internet activities
  • Print publications
  • Invitations and announcements
  • Consumer awareness campaigns
  • Public relations

At Dane Garvin, we bring it all together and make it happen.

The Dane Garvin Commitment

Creating educational partnerships since 2003, we …

  • Deliver what we promise
  • Are fully engaged & committed to your success
  • Handle the details with an expert staff
  • World class partnerships
    - KOL Faculty (academicians, clinicians, laboratorians & other healthcare professionals)
    - Accreditation Providers
    - Medical Societies & Organizations
  • Take Regulatory rigor seriously (100% educational grant acceptance to date)


The Dane Garvin Turn-key Process

Predictable, Reliable Communication


About Us

We conduct or produce symposia, publications, web conferences, and many other types of clinically relevant educational programs.


A Robust Resource for You

Please visit MedEdCafé.com and visualize the power and professionalism with which Dane Garvin delivers educational activities. MedEdCafé.com is a robust, well-trafficked resource for clinical physicians, nurses, laboratorians and other healthcare professionals seeking information on medical and scientific topics pertinent to their area of expertise. While examining this model, envision a comparable site for your organization that emulates your brand while focusing on your own specific educational requirements.


With 35 years in the healthcare industry, we have created an extensive, collaborative network of medical clinicians, academicians, technicians, researchers, administrators, and scores of organizations and institutions. We employ this network to enhance our own understanding of the educational needs of the industry’s professionals, and to tap into the talent, knowledge, and experiences of leading authorities to design programs that meet and/or surpass the medical, scientific and regulatory requirements for continuing, accredited education.

When you partner with Dane Garvin, you also partner with continuing education accreditors, medical societies, professional organizations, technology providers, information resources, teaching hospitals and major medical centers. We have built a relationship of trust with our educational partners, and the resultant integration is seamless.





30 Years of Experience Dan Garvin

More than 30 years of experience in accredited educational programming....

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Discover how we can provide educational activities specifically for your organization, your needs, and your medical areas of interest.

A Comprehensive Range of Products and Services

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